Our Purpose

In this business era, we tend to focus on our outer appearances. At times our minds are stressed and we compromise health for productivity. 
In 2005, Taste My FLAViAS started as a dream. 
In 2018, we became a mobile food truck serving fresh juices, dairy-free fruit shakes, and fresh food. 
In 2020, we were offered the amazing opportunity to serve our delicious creations at the beautiful Houston Botanic Garden. 
Here at Taste My FLAViAS we strive to provide the freshest product available. Starting with locally sourced, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs. We practice small batch juicing. This means, your juices have less time to oxidize, leaving higher nutritional value. 
We wanted to share with others the amazing effects of consuming fresh juice:


✔️Adds more fruits & vegetables to your diet


✔️Gives digestive system a vacation


✔️Unclogs intestines


✔️Less stress on heart


✔️Reboot immune system


✔️Nourish your body with absorbable vitamins, live enzymes, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants.


✔️Increased energy


✔️Healthier hair, skin, and nails


✔️Balance gut flora for better digestion


✔️Boost immune system


✔️Better quality of sleep


✔️Improved mood


✔️Encourages long term healthy habits


✔️Repairs cell damage caused by toxins